MILLHOUSE CAPITAL DOO is an 100% private held joint-stock company and originated from the former London-based MILLHOUSE CAPITAL UK LTD which was founded 2011. Because of the hysteric political EU behavior towards us as company and Russia we have decided 2014 to leave the EU and to move to countries where we were welcomed, inter alia Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and Belgrade in Serbia ! The Hong Kong based company has a current Capital of HKD 24.202.400.000, that's currently USD 3.117.634.000. The Serbian based subsidiary MILLHOUSE CAPITAL DOO has a current Capital of RSD 323.204.000.000, that's currently USD 2.787.200.000.

In the list of the Top 5 companies MILLHOUSE CAPITAL DOO is on the 2nd place.

MILLHOUSE CAPITAL makes headlines, but not nearly as well as she makes money. The complete company group with all 42 subsidiaries currently owns some 5.904.834.000 USD in total, which it uses to buy large stakes in the energy, mineral resources, transportation, financial, retail, and other industries.

Primarily the MILLHOUSE CAPITAL GROUP acquires, develops and operates industrial properties and stakes in select major markets worldwide. The company's experienced a disciplined investment approach in selectively identifying opportunities to achieve outstanding risk adjusted returns.

MILLHOUSE CAPITAL  has devoted itself to the task of realizing their personal goals when it comes to safeguarding and developing their assets. We are independent and independence means that we are not part of a larger financial group outside and are therefore not subject to super ordinate corporate goals. Our activities focusing solely on our success.

Our values 100% Independence and privately owned and thus in its strategic decisions independently of external analysts or market influence.