!!! BE INFORMED AND WARNED !!!

Be warned of this persons Mr. Cryspin Dalsing and Mr. David Howard, alleged owner of UOI Gold and Diamonds, DMCC 36D, Silver Tower JLT, P.O.Box 29805, Dubai UAE !!!!!

It was brought to our attention that the both mentioned persons are using our company name and website to cheat investors. Being it's a big scam of probably USD 45+ Millions

They've mentioned our owners name and showed our website and details which made the investors confident to proceed the investment and transferred the fund to their bank account in UAE. We still don't know how many of the people been cheated by this people.

Which means they used our company name in a different way for to cheat the investors.

Mr. David Howard- +971561337777
Mr. Cryspin Dalsing- +971521611005