Because it has been brought to our attention from several of our clients we have to clarify the following fact.

There is a company in Spain that pretend to have good prices for rough diamonds, gold and also for crude, gas and other petroleum products. Those company even has exactly copied and pasted our product list and published on its own website.

The owner Mr. Bessonov says on his website that this industries is managed by team with over 20 years of international experience. A matter of fact is that this company has been formed only in 2017. How it can be that it does have a over 20 years of international experience ?

We only want to give a warning to everyone to take a clother look what this company offers and where are the sources of ! MILLHOUSE CAPITAL doese not have any business relation to that copmany. Either ART INT nor LOTMARK does not have any permission to offer our products, nor to act in our name. The owner Mr Bessonov himself was only a very small scale customer but does not have any relation to us.

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