Be warned of this person !!!!!

In recent weeks we have noticed more and more unreasonable actions of Ms Saucier. Furthermore has come to our ears that Ms Saucier use different names inter alia Ms Saucier, Ms Roberts, Ms Laborde. With different names she fake LOI, Bank checks, transfer slips etc

We have since done checking on Mrs Saucier and have found arrest records as late as October 18. 2018 for 2 counts of worthless checks and an arrest in Houston TX 15 days earlier as an out of state fugitive. We have checked her company name and it is closed and dissolved and went bankrupt. Nevertheless, she issues bank transfers in the name of this company

She fakes wire transfers and send them as prove for payments to suppliers to get the products. After a while she still claims that she has transferred the money and will send even SWIFT Codes etc. but don't believe that she has transferred any cent. To us she has sent transfer slips in total value of EUR 720,000 and not one of her transfers has been credited to our accounts. In total she owes us EUR 1,078,000

Be careful with that woman and do not make any business with her.

In the meantime, several criminal investigations are underway against Ms. Saucier, aka Roberts, aka Laborde for document falsification, signature falsification, fraud, she falsified and company stamps etc. We have filed criminal charges against this person in several countries.

In conducting background on her we found other alias names she uses. She has other individuals she engages who believe they are agents of Millhouse and attempt to solicit fuel. We know of a "Leon" and a "Brandon".

This individual pretends to act in the name of Millhouse Capital but be warned she doesn't have any legitimations for that ! We are not responsble for any financial damage you may have !

She doesn't have any official email address of Millhouse Capital ! She communicates mostly with two of her email addresses and and phones with her mobile number +1 985-276-0615 If that woman get in contact to you please re check with us !