In addition to Russian crude oil and petroleum products from now on we offer through our company Millhouse Capital doo in Serbia also petroleum products origin Venezuela.

If you are interested in purchasing ULSD 10 PPM DIESEL FUEL (EN590) and to become a new customer, please read your terms and conditions at REGISTRATION

1. Product Diesel 10PPM
2. Specification As per Specification below
3. Origin TBA-Venezuela or any assigned PDVSA Refinery in Spain / Europe
4 . Price NWE CODE ( AAVBGOO) minus 20$/MT net discount to buyer
5. Quantity 100.000 to 600.000 MT per month x 12 months contract &repeated for 10 years
5.1 Delivery CIF ROTTERDAM
N.B. Vessels Name(s) & IMO Numbers to be advised. below:
Vessel: _________ IMO ___________ MMSI _____ = _________ Barrel (TBA)
Vessel: _________ IMO ___________ MMSI _____ = _________ Barrel (TBA)
6. Duration 12 months contract with rolls and extensions for 10 years
7. Payment By SWIFT MT103 backed by a SBLC (to the acceptance of the seller's
8. SPA Contract Commences


1) Seller issues Full Corporate Offer ("FCO") after receiving LOI &CP from Buyer and Adequate BCL or RWA.

2) Buyer signs FCO.Buyer submits Company registration documents& and passport copy of the FCO signatory. To secure allocation Solid POF is needed from your bank preferably MT 799 blocked fund (to issue refinery supply guarantee letter)

3) The Seller issues product (SPA) Sales Purchase Agreement & Pro-forma invoice ("PI")

4) The buyer returns the PI and SPA duly signed and sealed via email in PDF AND WORD format Seller  signs, seals and makes a soft copy to the buyer PDF format. The CIF SPA commences.

5) Based on RWA from Buyer bank, PDVSA issues a compliance letter and confirmation of allocation (SUPPLY GUARANTEE LETTER). Buyer Issues an NON - Operative SBLC or DLC fully funded or any other guarantee e.g.: MT 758 or MT700. In case No RWA issued the supply guarantee letter by PDVSA is issued after receiving and acceptance of the non-operative SBLC or alike.

6) Seller, gets approval from Refinery, loading of product resumes time frame will be estimated at 4-10days (after activated payment guarantees) draft Performance bond issued after two days of accepting the payment tool, loading and IMO/MMS/VESSEL(S) NAMES/ and Refinery conducts a dip test within 24 hours before loading.

7) Refinery confirms readiness of registered Vessel for LAYCAN and notify the Buyer. Seller issues & Send partial POP to Buyer.

8) Within 10 - 14days from acceptance of payment tool by seller bank Refinery issues clearance for Vessel (s) to set sail according to Buyer's nominated port and the PROOF OF PRODUCT POP is sent BANK TO BANK. Undertaking that all costs to CIF INDIA port waters is covered by the seller. Charter party, BL and Title will be transferred to buyer on receipt of payment at Offloading Port.

9) Payment (TT) wire transfer will be within 3 days at delivery port, after SGS/SAYBOLT inspection and Q/Q.

10) Penalty Clause: Upon signature of FCO/SPA by both parties, If Buyer fails to proceed or issue a Non-Operative SBLC or agreed payment instrument, Buyer will be liable for USD$250 000 penalty. Should Seller fail to send 2% PB after the receipt of DLC from Buyer, then also Seller will be liable for USD250,000 penalty to Buyer.


To be according to INCOTERMS 2010 and latest amendments unless otherwise stipulated in this contract. English Law to apply with the nonexclusive Jurisdiction of the High Court in London.


Contract Number: Issuer (Seller's Bank)
Address: Receiver (Buyer's Bank)

Address: With reference to contract number_______________, dated__________ made

between_________________ (Seller) And ___________________________ (Buyer) Seller hereby

guarantees the good performance of the obligation assumed towards buyer in accordance with the abovementioned contract. In case the Seller fails to carry out and fulfill their legal obligation of the delivery of XXXXXX MT +/- 5% per month of (Product DIESEL 10PPM) , Assumed under the said contract, we irrevocably undertake to hold at your disposal free of interest and fees and payable in cash at your counters on your first written demand and notwithstanding any contestation by the Seller the sum of up to a maximum____________________ (In words) - (United States Dollars) the equivalent of 2% of the value of the cargo. Our guarantee shall be valid from issuance of the buyer's non-operative DLC until thirty (30) days of the expiration of the contract, by which date claims, if any, have to be received by us, upon expiration, this guarantee will be considered null and void. Upon presentation of the letter of credit confirming documents under the relevant letter credit the guarantee will automatically be null and void. The guarantee shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state or country in which the transaction originated.





To: (Receiving Bank) Bank Address: Swift Code: SBLC No : Currency :

Amount :
Date of Issue :
Date of Maturity :
Beneficiary :

Transaction reference No:

For value received, we, the undersigned, ......Bank, address at xxxxxxxxxxxxx ,hereby issue our irrevocable, unconditional, transferable , and confirmed Standby Letter of Credit without protest or notification, we promise to pay to the order of the beneficiary: xxxxxx Limited, the holder or the bearer thereof at the date of maturity, the sum of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), in the lawful currency of the European Union upon presentation and surrender of this Standby Letter of Credit at the office of xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx Such payment shall be made without set-off fees and clear of any deductions or charges, fees, liens or withholding of any nature, whatsoever presently or hereafter imposed, levied, collected, withheld or assessed by the Government of the Switzerland or any political subdivision or authority thereof and therein. \ This SBLC is transferable, assignable & divisible without presentation of it to us and without the payment of any transferable fee or charges. This Standby Letter of Credit is subject to the Uniform Rules for Standby Letter of Credit under ICC Publication No 458/758 /600 and latest revisions. This is a non- operative instrument and Hard copy will follow.

For and on behalf of Issuing Bank BANK