Fixed-term deposits

For our clients who prefer secure investments we offer investments in our company group with a fixed rate. For each bond, the Millhouse Capital Investment Group guarantees to repay the capital at the maturity date and also to pay the fixed interest (that is known from the date of purchase) each year. Thus, the client possesses a guarantee to receive annual interest payments as well as redemption of the initial investment at the date of maturity. 

Once your investment reaches maturity, the amount invested and the accrued interest will be paid out to your designated account. It is not possible to terminate the agreement prematurely by giving 3 months' notice to the end of the month in question !

Please notice ! We offer exclusively only products of our Investment Group and no third-party products ! Any investment will stay within the Millhouse Capital Investment Group.

Our range of Fixed-term deposits

Many investors who are looking for a secure investment and ask their bank for a fixed deposit often receive only offers that are below inflation. These investments were safe, but in the same represents a real loss of purchasing power of their money.

Millhouse Capital Investment Group

Is an experienced specialist in the field of a fixed rate bond and has been offering its customers (private investors and institutional clients) who are interested in a fixed interest income, an attractive alternative to conventional bank fixed deposits. By investing the capital of our customers in fixed-rate bonds of our companies, our customers receive a current fixed interest income. For each investment the company guarantees that issues the bond and the repayment of the bond nominal value at maturity.

The solution for an additional pension

Interest payments can be skimmed or reinvested. Many of our customers use this type of investment as a fixed source of income and can pay off the interest paid quarterly.

Drain and Availability

We provide Fixed-term deposits of our own portfolio. Taking into account the different maturities of corporate bonds, which we select according to the individual needs of our customers, we can predict the results of future interest, similar to fixed deposits, but with a much higher yield. During this time, the money is not blocked, because the bonds can always be sold at market price. Our long-term investment objective is to hold the bonds until repayment at maturity.

We offer as well Russian Gold Rubles and Gold bars as investment or in the event that gold in the future would become a means of exchange next to the official payment.