MILLHOUSE CAPITAL is not a bank although we own a bank and stake at different banks, if you invest then you invest directly in our company group / subsidiaries and will participate on our sucess for the running term of your investment.

The last few years we got many requests of people from all over the world who were interested to invest in our company group and to earn acceptable profits. Therefore, we have decided to open small access for the public.

If you are a citizen of EU you must not read this Website but if you do then don't expect that we will follow the silly rules of the EU countries and European Central Bank. The silly rules of the EU countries "promise" you a profit lower than the inflation rate and so you will loose your money year by year more and more.

We don't offer a large variety of financial investments but only from own company stakes generating fixed income with a term guarantee to dynamic solutions and alternative investments with the potential for higher income in the long run.

Our investment strategy was always right therefore we will not explain hours by hours how we do this and that. We will not explain how we work. We will not publish any brochures as EU countries want ! We needn't your money to grow and to invest in new stakes ! We are not your bank consultant !

If you visit your bank consultant and ask him what is the best investment strategy he will tell you everything that he want's to sell but never the truth !

If your bank consultant is as good as he offers you investments with "good" profit why he works as Staff in a bank, lives in a apartment with debts, drives a car with debts and has no own wealth ? Why he doesn't make his own profit with his own advice and prove itself that his investment strategy is well ?!

Who lives and act by the advice of a broker can also ask a barber if he recommends a new haircut !