Millhouse Capital holds several licenses approved by the Serbian government including a banking license for offering Financial services No. 6499

Other financial intermediation services, which mainly relate to other types of financing, with the exception of credit approval:
• factoring
• Services related to swaps, options and other hedging instruments
the activity of companies for Vietnamese settlements (purchase of life insurance)
• investing in the investment of own funds (predominantly in securities and shares), such as venture capital companies, investment clubs (partnership) and similar legal entities established with a view to pooling financial assets and their investments (with the exception of approval of Loan and issue of bonds)
• Investment banking services
• Dealerships on the financial markets for their own account
• Warranty and related services, except in the case of standardized warranty systems that operate in accordance with the principles of non-life insurance

• Finance leasing
• Securities business for a foreign account
• Trade, leasing and leasing of real estate
• Collection activities for other persons without debt collection ("debt collection")
Donor and similar activities of organizations funded by membership fees