Although we are a trade company, we have to make a statement after our own bad experiences within and with the EU.

Because of the current fanatic, hysteric, asocial, Russophobe and hypocritical behaviour of mainly the EU towards Russia we have decided to leave EU. The EU behaviour is nothing else then the poor try of so called governments to demoralize and to destroy Russia and to hold the world leader behaviour but they are not and never were !!! They need a new "guilty nation" as usual after Iraq, Syria, Iran and now it is Russia (again) !

They "pray democracy" but "acting like dictators" ! To use sanctions against Russia as a political weapon is the most the weakest behaviour of a government ! This destroys trust, business activities and the economy of all involved countries and only the ordinary citizen have to suffer ! We have absolutely no trust more in the EU leaders and in their domestic and foreign policy ! The EU leaders were the puppets of the USA except only a few Europe leaders in a handful countries. And as we all see now this will not change with Donald Trump as the new president of USA ! These so called leaders of the EU, ahead of all chancellor Merkel, told already that they will follow their own course against Russia even without support of USA !

Also, we are fed up with the behaviour and lies of the medias and decided therefore to move to a country where we are welcome. E(uropean) U(nion) is not the place anymore to be and never will be ! Democracy is only a word for the EU politicians and nothing else. They only think about themself and how long they can stay in these positions as president or chancellor ! What kind of democracy is it that everyone who is pro Russia is automatically contra EU and USA !? Does exist only black and white in this world ?

How it should be possible that the whole world will live in peace together if already within the EU exist only dictatorship and pressure on the weak countries ! And the West media's follow their own idiotic understanding of reporting... lies, fakes, lies and fakes ! The spread of disinformations, fakes and lies is all they can, the truth is not interesting any more !

The so called "peace-loving world" has watched as a coup in Kiev (paid by the west) against Yanukovych democracy in Ukraine revealed ! It has watched as Kiev continued his ground forces in March to bring the rebellious eastern Ukraine back on track ! It has watched how right radical battalions set up and sent to war were - they have watched so long, until the triumphant Kiev had to suffer defeat after defeat. Only then responded that "peace-loving world". And not stopped about Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, no, it tried from the fiasco yet to make a "victory". Is that a "peace-loving world" ? Is that a "peace-loving EU" ? The malicious mendacious government with their warmonger and criminal so called president Poroshenko in Kiev tries with all power to provoke a war with Russia and gets support from USA, EU and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorists Organisation) and everyone who support these criminals in Kiev / Ukraine is a criminal himself ! Poroshenko is only a criminal "Piece of shit in the history of time" and he never will become again the president of the Ukraine for a 2nd period.

The unlawful NATO (North Atlantic Terrorists Organisation) military operation against Yugoslavia had begun on 24 March 1999 and lasted a total of 78 days. According to alliance data, the Air force flew a total of 38,000 combat operations, of which over 10,000 were used for bombardments. According to different data, at least 1,700 civilians were killed and 10,000 injured. The exact number of victims of this operation is unknown today. According to the Serbian authorities, about 250,000 people lost their lives, including 89 children. Another 12,500 people were injured.

The constant allegations of USA, EU and NATO against Russia that they would bomb children in Syria is nothing else than a sick provocation to distract from their own atrocities in war zones ! Neither for the EU, nor the NATO or USA does it matter how many children die if they bomb towns in other countries !

Milica Rakić was one of 89 children and only three years old when she was killed on April 17, 1999 in her own home in the Belgrade suburb of Batajnica by a fragment of a bomb. These were not Russians, this were the contemptuously barbarian USA NATO and EU who bombed towns without any mercy doesn't matter who will die !

The material damage to the operation is estimated at 30 to 100 billion US dollars. The military operation was carried out without the approval of the UN Security Council. The reason given for this was the claim by Western countries that the Yugoslav authorities had undertaken ethnic cleansing in the autonomous province of Kosovo and provoked a humanitarian catastrophe there.

Is that the peace loving European Union ? And now the same EU wants that Serbia will enjoy the membership of EU ! First they have killed Serbian civilists and now they want to force that country into the EU only to separate Serbia from Russia !

Also, today, still pressure is exerted on Serbia to join NATO, give away its Kosovo and impose sanctions on Russia. Serbia will not give way to compulsion. Serbia has a president and a government that will not give in to pressure. In addition, Serbia will maintain its traditional friendly relations with Russia and China.

This is the "true face" of EU !!! Everything will be decided as the politicians want and not as the citizens want ! This is not democracy but dictatorship ! The citizens have only the "right" to vote the politician but afterwards these voted politicians do what they want ! In a democracy the citizens should vote a politician that represents the interests of the people and not the politicians and EU !

Anyone who is silent does support with his silence the machinations of the USA, EU and NATO and accept the killing machinery !

Russia is only welcome in Europe if it is a "kind of weak slave" for EU ! They are not interested in a strong peaceful Russia, they want Russia weak lying in the dirt so that they can occupy this country with their NGO's to destroy the Russian citizens and soul ! To start a regime change so called "coloured revolution" as they did in many other countries before ! Of course this is so called democracy within the EU but honestly, if this is democracy I prefer to live in a so called "dictatorship" in Russia ! Russia has no dictatorship and is a peaceful country with friendly citizens and only because President Putin has not reacted as the West wanted him to react we still have peace !

We know that there are written instructions in the EU on how every country, including Applicant of the EU Membership must make a public statement on every mention of the Russian Federation. It says that all these countries are absolutely obligated to speak the terms "annexation of the Crimea", "occupation of the Donbass" and similar ones as a mantra. If you watch and read as EU Member States speak, it seems that this statement is mandatory.

It doesn't exist any annexation of the Crimea, only in the megalomaniac heads of so many EU politicians and NATO, who have no longer a right to exist for a long time !

We recognize the Crimea as purely Russian territory and don't care on the EU sanctions and the threats of this insane brainless president Poroshenko. On 18.03.2018 the Crimeans clearly showed in the Russian presidential election, especially to the west, that their decision in 2014 was right, that they continue to stand by the Russian Federation and support President Putin. They are grateful to him that he acted that way back then.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin calls for sanctions against people doing business with Russia.... our answer, what such brainless moron and "war driver" has to call for ? The whole current Ukrainian government is nothing else than a corrupt criminal megalomaniac organization who act like they are the creation of the world. The truth is, they are nothing, even less than a piece of shit ! They are stupid vassals, ass-kisser and puppets of the USA who want a war against Russia but wants to give commands to the whole EU !

Because of these political sick hysterical behaviour of Germany and some other EU countries toward Russia we've decided to create our own sanction list !

With immediate effect we will not do any business activities with official authorities of the following countries:

  1. Germany
  2. Ukraine
  3. Poland
  4. Lithuania
  5. Estonia
  6. Lativia
  7. Spain
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Romania
  10. Malta
  11. Montenegro
  12. Slovenia
  13. Netherlands
  14. France
  15. Croatia
  16. USA
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Belgium
  19. Canada
  20. Georgia
  21. Denmark

That means that those countries above will not get any more any products from us, and they should not offer us any more so called investment opportunities. This they did only because they were in need of money ! Furthermore, authorities of those countries above should not ask us any more for any help and cooperation !

This list will be constantly expanded and updated !

All private individuals and companies which are honest interested to do business with us (also in and with Russia) are welcome but only who does not participate at this fanatic, hysteric, asocial, Russophobe and hypocritical behaviour towards Russia !

The real danger of Europe ! George Soros, real name György Sorosz, the danger for the European democracy !

Most powerful financial jugglers, pushing entire countries into a crisis. As a stock market speculator, Soros would always operate in a moral vacuum and, without batting an eyelid, plunge countries into financial crises when he sees a chance for profit. His absolution before himself: if I had not done it, then simply another would have done it. Of course, he knows that "markets can sometimes take over the role of demolition bullets and break down entire economies", which often have millions of people to suffer. But that should not be a burden, because as an anonymous participant in the financial markets are freed from moral problems, Soros is not tired to explain.

That is why he did not have to think about the social consequences of his actions. On the contrary, you should actually be grateful to the hedge fund, because they can systematically uncover system errors, which can then be remedied. "Soros presents the hustle and bustle of speculators like a kind of foundation war test." It must be added that these system errors have long been recognized but are not effectively prevented by the policy.

George Soros keeps his true intentions very covered and hides behind his many foundations. We know about the influence of this influential magnate, but also cover his connections with the Rothschilds and the US political elites. In addition, we know Soros' central influence on the chaos in Ukraine together with the EU leaders and the many bloody revolutions in the Arab world. Soros is working on a targeted weakening of Germany and the "struggle of cultures" between a militant Islam and the Christian West was planned by a long hand.

However, George Soros is also responsible for the current so called refugee crisis that afflict and destroys Europe. He is not a philanthropist who love humans ! He is a cruel brutal business man who uses humans only for his own profit to destroy complete countries. In this case he gets support from the so called EU leaders / politicians. They help him to blackmail countries who doesn't want so called refugees as Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

He calls others fraudster or mafia but himself is so called mafia. He wants to overthrow the US president Trump. He wants to force Hungary into a coloured revolution. He wants to flood the EU with millions of so called refugees, but they are not refugees any more, they are Islamic terrorists and Soros makes a big profit with them. For sure, he bets already against the EU that she will failure.

Of course he will do everything possible that the EU will failure only that way he can win his bet. When the people will wake up and will fight against such speculators and politicians ? In Philippines president Duterte has told to Soros that there is an Head money exposed on him when he will enter the Philippines. Now Soros wants to destroy the Hungarian border that the so called refugees can enter Hungary and to spread out there. It exists already a plan, similar to the Philippines, Head money that will be exposed on Soros. The Balkan people are not weak as he wants, they have "very wealthy" friends and they easily can spend a Head money on Soros.

Radical Islamism and Terrorism
We support president Viktor Orbán and Hungary as well Miloš Zeman and Czech Republic with their fight against the EU rules regarding the so called refugees which are not refugees but terrorists ! Countries that can not protect their women and children are not worth to be called democratic countries. Countries that allow that terrorists to enter their country to rape and kill their women and children are not democratic countries but home of terrorists. Everyone who supports the radical Islam deserves whatever will happen to him. The radical Islam is not a religion, radical Islam is a medieval radical doctrine which suppresses women and girls. We dissociate ourselves drastically from the machinations of the EU countries that support this terrorism !

USA and their undemocratic behaviour !

The constant interference of the US in the government's of other countries to achieve the world leadership is something we will never accept ! They pay for unrest on the streets, they provoke wars everywhere with the only reason to sell more weapons in the world. Without the sale of arms and the oppression of other countries USA would not be a strong country.

The US has no friendly countries, they only have enslaved countries, vassals who do everything under the pressure of the USA. These vassals are nothing else than ass-kisser without own opinion and acting ! The USA want to have everything and everyone under their stupid hysterical control because they believe that then they are untouchable.... but they are not !

Few months before the Russian election 2018 they began already with their dirty game against Russia. Not that they don't do it all the other months and years but now they did it more intense and more dirty. They paid for demonstrators to demonstrate against Putin. They only accept leaders of countries who are ass-kisser ! They want to get the total control of everything and call this dirty behaviour DEMOCRACY. That's not democracy but dictatorship !

As they act now again with Serbia. USA calls for Serbia's revaluation of relations with Russia ! Russia's Foreign Ministry has severely criticized the latest statements from Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Hoyt Brian Yee, who has issued "a series of provocative statements" on cooperation between Serbia and Moscow.

"The American diplomat has asked roughly from Belgrade to re-evaluate the cooperation with Russia and concentrate only on the approach to the EU," says the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, it was reported that the US wanted to set up an information centre in Serbia to fight the "Russian influence" in the region. The Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Hoyt Brian Yee, expressed his concern at the "Russian influence" in the region. He felt that "Serbia is on the way to the EU with one foot and with the other on the way to an alliance with Russia".

What will follow next, again uranium bombs as 1999 !? On 24 March 1999, the almost three-month, illegal NATO bombings began in Yugoslavia. Thousands of civilians were killed and tens of thousands of homes and many historic buildings were destroyed. Also, uranium munitions and bombs were used. This is called DEMOCRACY in EU and USA !

The history of the USA impressively proves their hysterical, sick, unrelenting hegemony aspirations. For whatever flimsy reasons - in order to counter the strategic opponents Russia and China with the possibility of resistance - a network of defensive devices will be installed all around. When will the Americans and their allies have spanned the arch in this regard? Finally, in territorial proximity to the USA, for Russians and Chinese, there are also numerous possibilities for a military "draw closer" ? Then, of course, the indignation and the yelling in the West would be huge.

USA has no peaceful intentions, nowhere, they never had it and never will ! USA can not be peaceful at all, USA can only survive by selling weapons and staging wars !!! And for that they need other countries !!! Take a look in the American history since founding. Why they cannot stay on their own territory instead to occupy and to blackmail other countries !?

USA do not have "friends" they only have allies but what if the allies don't want be any more the slaves of the USA ? USA is without allies helpless, and they neither can blackmail other countries nor occupy, so why stupid leaders of countries believe that it will be better for them to be a slave of USA instead to be a free country ?!

If the US wants to force other countries to democracy by violence by force of arms then that is not a democracy but a dictatorship !

American presidents are more or less runners of the gun lobby. Vietnam, a trauma for the Americans but the gun lobby has earned itself stupid and dumb. Everywhere the US administration is starting to argue, hoping to start wars and weapons can be sold. There is no ideology behind it, only the incurable greed for money. USA is and want to be always a global Hegemon. For them doesn't exist a multipolar world, but we are at last in the middle of the dying process of the US Empire !

The year 2017 was really a special year ! It was the year in which the power of the United States was massively reduced ! The US government debt and total debt have shot up !! Trump did not manage to return Crimea to Ukraine and never will ! 5 states have withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo ! ISIS in Syria is almost completely defeated !

China and Russia have intensified cooperation with their allies ! North Korea and South Korea are heading for reunification ! China and Taiwan are also heading for reunification ! The artificial entity Bosnia is about to decay ! Philippines have agreed to provide their capital, Manila, as the headquarters for a new UN (a UN-independent UN) !!

It's a mockery when the US talks about "values"! A selfish, overarching empire that becomes hysterical, if it does not go according to plan, if it becomes insolvent, the note press is turned on, destabilized, wars are waged in violation of international law and sanctioned hell ! US values: raiding other countries, wars, murder, manslaughter, terrorism, torture, breaking law and so on.

The new US nuclear weapons doctrine shows who the real aggressor of world scale is ! The US wants that there is always war everywhere ! Where is the world community, watching inactively as the US destroys foreign lands ?

USA = Plunder, pillage, and leave scorched earth behind !

The US either casts its own bombs or sends weapons so people can shoot each other down in the Ukraine or other countries ! There, too, the US has supplied weapons so that fascist fighters from Western Europe can shoot around there! A solution has to be found how US arms suppliers can be stopped! Anyone who knows something more, knows that the US is facing decay and in such a situation, major powers are particularly aggressive! You can see that now with the example of the USA !

A hysteric prime minister Theresa May, the UK and the (non) existing case Skripal !

It is the biggest manipulation of international public opinion involving the British authorities. Formal reason was the alleged poison attack on the ex-double agent Sergej Skripal in Salisbury. The exact circumstances of the deed are still unclear. The British authorities keep the details secret and deny Moscow any participation in the investigation. Russia rejects the accusation and demands facts.

Below the absolute and ultimate proof of England that it was Russia:

Yes, that's it, this is the ultimate proof of the UK authorities that Russia is guilty ! If someone believed that it will be a file of hundred of pages, no, sorry, this 6 pages are the final proof and everyone has to believe that ! The fact is that no evidence has been presented to the public and no poisoning victims have been shown. "The UK Supreme Court has actually refuted the words of Theresa May after saying that she was convinced that (Skripal and his daughter) had been poisoned with a neurotoxin of military quality, with its subspecies "Nowitschok" , The Supreme Court has refuted this on the basis of a blood analysis. It is a well-coordinated attack that may have been undertaken by the US and the UK.

Who still don't understand that this is a sick provocation and the goal is a war against Russia is an ignorant idiot ! It serves only one purpose, to discriminate Russia.

The decadent Western countries can not and do not want to accept a strong independent Russia as a partner. They want to rule Russia and if they can not do that then they want to destroy it ! But that's not only Russia, the arrogant Western countries want to destroy the self-determination of many other countries in the world.

The constitutional democratic state doesn't exist any more ! Any government that supports the lies of the USA and England against Russia is a gang of criminals. Any citizen who support such government is a criminal himself by accepting injustices towards other people and countries !

Any court that support such behaviour doesn't deserve the name "Justice" any more, it is nothing else than a corrupt artificial construct that is working in the name and for corrupt politicians !

We are getting lied into a new war !

The NATO countries going out of lies ! It started in the general consciousness with statements from the Western capitals, which all of us lied right into the vulgar war of aggression against Yugoslavia.

Today, every viewer is aware that the war against the founding member of the United Nations Yugoslavia served two central purposes:

1.) to assure US military control of the entire Balkan region with its Western European infrastructure and to iron out the strategic mistake of World War II when the deployment of US ground forces in the Balkans was abandoned.

2.) to initiate the deployment of NATO against the Russian western border by cutting off Russia's traditional ties to the Balkans.

Thus, the roadmap for the strangulation of Russia, without which an end to the Cold War in Europe would have been unthinkable, was initiated. It did not stay with Yugoslavia, as the wars of the West in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Libya and Mali showed. Everything that resulted in millions of victims and bombed entire regions back to the Stone Age could only be achieved through a merciless lie campaign against their own people.

So that the people do not revolt against the wars and the migration movement triggered by these wars, anyone who draws attention to these connections will be portrayed as a populist or worse by the lie-cartel currently prevailing all over the West. A spokesman to enforce this line is undoubtedly the Social Democrat Foreign Minister Asselborn from Luxembourg.

As it could not be otherwise, the gruesome game of lies control by western governments of London is crowned. Anyone who is currently dealing with the global political situation comes to certain conclusions. Those who are really serious about humanity stop plundering other states and peoples with war. To demand that, however, means to expect London to abandon its century-long business model.

Every conflict we are dealing with right now is based on instrumentalized lies with an origin in London. Tony Blair may be in favour of keeping England in the European Union as he pleases. It was Tony Blair who destroyed all confidence in the legitimacy of Western European governance. Above all, because both EU and NATO have turned out to be automated anvoluntary yes-say machine for Anglo-Saxon lies.

NATO and the EU are currently experiencing an "acute danger to their lives" for the citizens of Western Europe. Their own governments are the reason for the obvious misery. This was shown not only in the British insolence, the other member countries of NATO and the EU against any European legal decency and against any sense of international responsibility before the own cart of baseless suspicions against Russia to tighten.

Anyone who would have wanted clarification in the possible criminal case of Salisbury would have known all the ways to do so. That does not matter to London and has never arrived. The rage of baseless assertions, scrounged from the start, is only intended to see another country perish in a maelstrom of assertions.

This applies to Salisbury as well as to Syria, through which runs a trail of blood laid by London, Paris, Washington, Ankara and Riyadh. One can almost certainly assume that the ordered rapport of the German Chancellor on April 27, 2018 in Washington serves a German participation in the war. The backbone of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder currently doesn't exist longer in war questions !

Salisbury and the alleged chemical weapons deployment in Syria, however, have to be seen against the background of the war machine of the West since Belgrade in the spring of 1999. The West is currently providing evidence that it "can not" make peace.

London plays a fateful role here. From London, the presidents, who, like President Putin and President Trump, were originally hoping for an agreement, have been under constant fire. What has remained of it thanks to British intransigence? Trump seems to have to fear for his life when he looks at the phalanx unleashed on him from London, which seems to be quite ramified and goes back to the time of the First World War !

For Europe and the Middle East, the battle lines are clear. Russia complies with the applicable rules of international law. Also, against all points of reproach Suada, which held the NATO Secretary General recently. On the other hand, what is concocted in Washington, London and Paris has right of way. Whoever sees it differently is an enemy. This is called marching through. NATO, and increasingly the EU, means war - and has been since 1999. Both in Europe and in the Middle East, these different concepts collide. What determines our future? One of the answers is being given in Syria.