MILLHOUSE CAPITAL DOO believes the industrial property sector offers compelling investment opportunities to achieve returns that will outperform established benchmarks.

The Company's Investment Philosophy has five basic tenets:

1.) Focus on Key Elements
Acquisitions must have four characteristics: (i) a proven, in-fill location; (ii) functional attributes appropriate for the market; (iii) priced at a significant discount to replacement cost; (iv) in-place income whose growth, and sustainability, can be verified.

2.) Assumption Fallacies
Investment decisions are based upon high probability occurrences. Expected returns are presented as ranges that more properly reflect risk.

3.) Investment Priorities Discipline
The history of the Millhouse Capital has shown that we can enhance our returns by focusing on opportunities with favorable seller circumstances, transactional complexity, or where expertise at the property level can mitigate operating risks.

4.) Industry Experience
A good Investment company must have deep sector experience as well as significant capital markets expertise, in both the public and private markets.

5.) Sales Discipline

The depth and duration of the industry, energy, transportation, financial and capital market cycles make it imperative that there is expertise, and discipline, to execute a sales strategy.