Puerto Rico's First Futuristic Energy Park with a Fuel Storage & Trading Exchange powered by Renewables (Solar, Wind, Biomass)
The Roosevelt Energy Exchange ("TREE"), co-designed with Bechtel and Burns & McDonnell, is planned as a fully zoned and entitled fuel storage and trading project spanning 4 ports, located in Puerto Rico. Consisting of over 8,000 zoned acres, TREE is a shovel-ready project planned as a multi-use, multi-purpose energy complex, ranging from fuel trade (storage & infrastructure), self-powered by biomass power generation, renewables (solar & wind). TREE is to be strategically located on the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Base (Cieba Port), the Port of Yabucoa, the Port of Penuelas and the Port of Guayanilla (CORCO) and will be marketed under the brand, FuelBank™

Costs (budget): US$ 20 billion, timing of construction: 10 years