Purchasing Gold at MILLHOUSE CAPITAL

You can purchase your Gold bars and / or Gold coin as physically Gold or you can purchase it as Gold Certificate.

You can purchase physically Gold and can let it store in our safes / depots or you can get it delivered by security transport.

Any Gold bars and / or Gold coins bought from us and stored by us you can sell back to us at any time for the daily exchange course.

Precious metals safely and discreetly paying in cash:
Buying precious metals like gold, silver platinum and palladium is always trustworthy. The purchase or sale of gold bars or gold coins should be carried out discreetly and safely. At MILLHOUSE CAPITAL you can easily and securely pay cash for all common precious metals.

The offer of our precious metals includes the large range of investment metals in the form of bars or coins. Gold is the most important factor. Gold, which you can easily and securely pay in cash on the spot in the office or any place you would prefer, is offered as gold bars or gold coins. Our entire range of precious metals includes:
Gold coins
Gold bars 

These precious metals are offered as bars or coins. The precious metal bars and coins are always bank-tradable metals. That means, you may e.g. Your gold coin, which you have acquired from us, resale to a bank. Of course, we will be happy if you return your gold to us.

Our service:
All gold bars and gold coins you will find at our website are also offered for cash sale. Most of the coins or bars are in stock and can be offered to you immediately. Some precious metals are stored safely in our central warehouse and are only available after registration the next day. If you are unsure, contact us. We also buy back your precious metals directly and in cash.

Central safe location
Personal, competent and honest advice
Anonymity and discretion
The storage of purchased precious metals in private customer lockers directly on site Payment

You have the choice to pay your Gold by bank transfer or by cash payment

The advantages of cash payment:
The cash payment service is for every product of any size. Whether a 1 gram ingot to give away or 50 Gold Ruble as an investment. The payment of precious metals takes place very safely and discreetly. They are not standing at a desk in a meeting room.

You do not have to wait at home for a logistics company, but you can buy gold coins and bars directly from us, pay in cash and take with you. An additional service is offered for our customers, our lockers. Here you can safely and discreetly store your precious metals purchased from us in your own safe.

The advantages of bank transfer:
The bank transfer you can do by online banking at home. As soon as the amount has arrived at our account we will send the gold by security transport till your house.
Downside of this transaction is that the bank and your local tax office will get the information how much money, for what and to where you have transferred. At least it is your choice what is the best way for you.

Because of our own Gold mines, selling and buying of Gold in different quantities we mostly can offer discounts from 2% - 8% under London stock exchange. Please ask for a quote

The gold you can buy from us is always fine gold. Fine gold is considered to be gold of the finest quality and refinement with a share of 999.9 pure gold. The manufacturers of these gold products are constantly monitored and controlled by LBMA. Most known ingot producers nowadays deliver their gold with an certificate.